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The Dahlem Initiative is Out Now!

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A new historical fiction espionage thriller, the first in the Sheridan & Cook series of novels by author E.J. Egerton, is published by Paideia (ISBN: 978-1544213422). Available on Amazon from 1st May, 2017.

World War Two is ending in Europe. The alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union is unraveling.Both countries are racing to acquire a Atomic Bomb.

The Nazis have created a process using an ultracentrifuge which produces highly enriched Uranium.

Two American Counter-Intelligence Agents, Josh Sheridan and John Cook are sent to infiltrate a Nazi submarine U-398, which is transporting enriched Uranium to Germany’s ally, Japan. The two men capture the sub and verify that the Uranium is sufficiently enriched to make a A-bomb.
Within twenty four hours after the mission on the sub, the two men are sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Dahlem, a suburb of Berlin. Their orders are to capture the enrichment process inventors and the ultracentrifuge. Their team contains a Soviet Mole. They have six days to complete their mission before the Red Army surrounds Berlin and cuts off their escape.