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Operation Blazing Sky

Another thrilling installment in the Sheridan-Cook series.

Operation Blazing Sky

Another thrilling installment
in the Sheridan-Cook series.

Another thrilling installment
in the Sheridan-Cook series.

operation blazing sky

This novel, Operation Blazing Sky, is the second in the Alsos nuclear proliferation series. It takes place four days after events in The Dahlem Initiative.
After being home for a few days Joshua Sheridan and John Cook of Alsos, the counter-intelligence arm of the Manhattan Project, are sent to Hungnam in Northern Korea. Their mission is to stop a sucessful test of a Japanese developed atomic bomb. Allied intelligence has ignored the Japanese program to their peril, but now this bomb could change everything in the Pacific.
They are joined by an OSS operative, Jay Higa, a Sensei American spying in China and Korea. The Japanese plan to use the bomb to destroy the American invasion fleet assembling in the Ulithi atoll. The Soviet Union also wants the Japanese nuclear technology and personnel and have sent an NKVD team to capture it.

Reviews of The Dahlem Initiative

“The plot twists are unpredictable and the suspense palpable.”

“I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Dahlem Initiative Front Cover large

"Historical fiction meets
fast-paced espionage thriller"

The Dahlem Initiative

The Dahlem Initiative

World War Two is ending in Europe, the US-Soviet alliance is unraveling and both are racing to acquire an atomic bomb.
The Nazis have created an ultracentrifuge to produce enriched uranium. US counter-intelligence agents, Josh Sheridan and John Cook, set out to infiltrate and capture a Nazi submarine transporting enriched uranium to Germany’s ally, Japan.
Now Sheridan and Cook have just six days to seize the ultracentrifuge and capture its inventors before the Red Army surrounds Berlin and cuts off their escape.


“This action thriller based on historical events at the end of WW II is a fast read that is impossible to put down.”

“An exquisitely smart and pacey espionage thriller. Definitely not to be missed!”

The Sheridan-Cook Series

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